The groups new infrastructures systems and methods

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Unformatted text preview: ng resources (financial and human) in initiatives and projects aimed at the reduc­ tion of environmental footprint and incease value created for stakeholders In this context we have encouraged the devel­ opment of CSR structures at local and regional levels which support the participation of Group subsidiaries in local networks and joint efforts while at the same time facilitate the imple­ mentation and communication of local action plans. The Group’s new infrastructures, systems and methods serve to boost its overall long­term competitiveness and make it possible for the Group to be acknowledged as “best in class” in certain sectors compared to its peers. Governance for Sustainability DESTINATION: Focusing on self-assessment and self-improvement The TITAN Group has adopted a proactive and precautionary approach to secure long­term future for the company and sustainable bene­ fits for its stakeholders. A two way process is followed to identify, evaluate and prioritize issues that could have potentially an impact on TITAN business and its abilit...
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