The pca presents overall en vironmental excellence

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Unformatted text preview: ment. It sought to galvanize political will, raise public awareness and exercise pressure. The TITAN Group participated in the campaign, along with thousands of other companies and individuals from all over the world, wishing to emphasize the vital importance of the Copenhagen Conference for the future of our planet, the future of mankind. In his “Seal the Deal” message, D. Papalexopoulos TITAN’s Managing Director, pointed out the following: “The unprecedented global challenge posed by climate change demands a coordinated global response. Agreeing on a comprehensive framework that provides clear long-term goals and incentives and ensures a level playing field will allow innovation and human ingenuity to be focused on providing effective solutions. The world deserves nothing less.” Shortcut from the opening of the “Together for Children” exhibition in Leonidas Canellopoulos Cultural Centre, Elefsina, Greece 2009 25 26 Recognition and awards TITAN Roanoke Cement, US awarded for environmental excellence In April 2009, the...
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