The last chapter on gri disclosures and indi cators

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Unformatted text preview: t and value added for stakeholders, the process is still under develop­ ment. The last chapter on “GRI Disclosures and Indi­ cators”, provides information relevant to TITAN business and significant for its key stakeholders in the context of the Global Compact principles and the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. The next chapter, titled “Environmental Foot­ print”, starts with climate change and sustain­ able development, the major global challenge for the years to come. A full analysis of TITAN’s progress towards targets set in 2006 and on to minimize its carbon footprint, to reduce energy and raw materials consumption and to mitigate other impacts on the environment underscores its long­term commitment and plans towards 2015. In this chapter reference is also made to water management, quarry rehabilitation and biodiversity, as well as efforts to increase re­ cycling. The chapter titled “Report Assessment and Veri­ fication” deals with the methodology, the scope and the boundaries of this Report. To ensure clarity, accuracy and relevance of the Report aligned with GRI (G3), WBCSD/CSI and other inter...
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