The majority of indirect employees serves in

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Unformatted text preview: achieve business objec­ tives and sustainable growth, TITAN considers their health and safety at work and their well­ being as a top Company priority. The TITAN Group employees are in majority full­time direct employees who can be divided to (a) management employees, (b) supervisory and professional employees and (c) operational employees. Indirect employees are those pro­ viding their services contracted by TITAN sup­ pliers and contractors. In 2009 TITAN’s full­time employees were a total of 5,903 approximately 600 less than at the end of 2008, a total reduction of 9.2% caused by the continuing economic recession. According­ ly, the number of indirect employees decreased approximately by 35% in 2009 compared to 2008. The majority of indirect employees serves in activities like quarrying, transportation and maintenance and construction projects like the new production line in Egypt and the new ce­ ment plant in Albania. The TITAN Group policy provides opportunities for local employment either directly or indirectly through skills and competencies developing programs as in the ca...
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