The outcomes of these projects will allow both an

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Unformatted text preview: aste as alternative fuels. Product equals cementitious product as defined by WBCSD/CSI. Recalculated on cementitious product basis according to WBCSD/ CSI. Research and development of new products Strengthening TITAN’s capacity to minimize impacts to the environment is also achieved through R&D initiatives directed by the Group’s Research and Development Department. Two years’ product development provided a new special cement, friendlier to the environment, to supply the construction of a major dam on the river of Teska in FYROM. The final product to be used for the dam is developed according to local and European standards utilizing alter­ native raw materials and thus, produced with less CO2 emissions. As reported last year, two new projects were launched in cooperation with the Technical University of Athens. One is centred on increa­ sing recycling and reuse of water in the pro­ duction of ready­mix, measuring potential ef­ fects to the concrete, as well as to the capacity to reuse concrete as aggregate in production. The second project is on pervious concrete, a product known for its ability to drain signifi­ cant amount of water (rainfalls, waves) and r...
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