The report aims to initiate the vision of zero

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Unformatted text preview: including information from 844 cement installations worldwide which correspond to over 73% of cement production in Kyoto Annex I countries. > “Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Verification”: The CSI contributed to the streamlining of the CDM process by putting forward a new benchmarking methodology. This new methodology is based on a novel approach whereby a Project’s baseline sce­ nario (i.e. what would have happened in the absence of the CDM project) is defined on regional specific benchmarks against which the actual performance of the CDM Project is measured. > The “International Energy Agency (IEA) Tech­ nology Roadmap” is a response to a relevant G8 leaders’ request in 2008. Working closely with the CSI, IEA published in 2009 the first such industry­specific roadmap outlining all existing and potential technologies in the cement sector that could enable the cement industry to make continued contributions to­ wards significant emissions reductions. > Expansion of membership to China: In 2009 the CSI has also worked to expand its mem­ bership to emerging markets, particularly Chi­ na, where half of global cement production takes place. Three Chinese cement companies applied to become CSI members in 2009. > New guidelines to improve health and safety were published by the CSI’s safety task force fostering improvements in drivers’ and con­ tractors’ safety performance. CSI­member companies, signed up to a 5­year implemen­ tatio...
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