The students raise the trout from eggs to fin

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Unformatted text preview: re North Amer­ ica’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds. In March 2009, 350 rainbow trouts “released” into a former quarry pond on TITAN’s site. In the framework of this new partnership, the quarry pond, in an old limestone pit, filled by groundwater inflows and rainfall, and with adequate control of water level (by pumping) for preventing flooding con­ ditions, has easily met the requirements for hosting the environmentally sensitive trout. TITAN America in Roanoke has planned a second release of trout into Catawba Creek, which passes through the plant property, as another step in this initiative. Environmental Footprint TITAN America’s Roanoke cement has de­ veloped and applied a long­standing wa­ ter and land management program at the Troutville plant. For example, every year for the last four years, the plant has held the “Catawba Creek Cleanup,” a Saturday morn­ ing gathering of employees and local resi­ dents who walk the banks of surrounding Catawba Creek “policing” the stream. Part of the creek is located within the limits of the cement plant and the c...
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