This report starts with a brief introduction a 2009

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Unformatted text preview: or the future. This Report starts with a brief introduction, a 2009 Group overview and an “information path” with the contents of the Report and TI­ TAN’s corporate values. Throughout the Report case studies present TITAN’s practices related to its strategy and corporate values. The Message from the Managing Director high­ lights the most significant issues and progress achieved in 2009. It is also an introduction to the main contents of the Report as well as to the Group’s new targets towards 2015. Embedding corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in TITAN’s strategy, policies and practices is analyzed in the chapter following the Message from the Managing Di­ rector. Starting with the milestones of Group’s voluntary and proactive commitments and actions, presents the developments in gover­ nance, managing risks and opportunities and stakeholder engagement. The case study of TITAN in Albania in this chapter demonstrates the way TITAN values and commitments...
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