This amount in cludes investments of 35 million

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Unformatted text preview: e equity held by the TITAN Group in year 2006. DESTINATION: Water consumption Environmental audits In 2008, TITAN launched a new project to im­ prove water management and be prepared to comply with the developments expected in the EU legislation. As part of this project, a water map for each of the cement plants and ready­ mix plants wholly owned by TITAN Group will be developed by 2012. The water map will provide a reliable representation of each plant’s water flow diagram, water balance, needs and areas for improving water management. By the end of 2012, a water management system will be fully applied securing comprehensive and reli­ able monitoring of the plant’s water balance and providing recommendations for continu­ ous improvement. Positive results have been already identified the last two years in TITAN Usje, FYROM and TITAN Zlatna Panega, Bulgaria. The development of a better water monitoring system, the invest­ ments for purification and recycling of dis­ charged water, as well as improvements on the water distribution network, resulted in a more than 60% reduction of water consumption. In 2009 the Group’s specific water consump­ tion was approximately 449Lt/ton of cement. Compared to the previous...
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