This initiative is fully funded by titan and proper

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Unformatted text preview: ety training course. Important changes were also implemented in the contractor evaluation procedure. Now the evaluation commences prior to a contractors’ participation in tender invitations for company projects. As a result of this evaluation, a list of selected contractors is compiled for projects involving a high level of risk (e.g. supply of lift services by using cranes, scaffolding erection). The evaluation of contractors also includes spot audits, which are conducted regularly and the contractor’s overall performance rated upon the completion of the project. Last yer Personal Safety Gear was distributed to more than 800 self-employed drivers co-operating with TITAN in Greece, which exceed 800 in number. This initiative is fully funded by TITAN and proper use of this gear will be monitored through regular spot-checks. 17 18 Employment TITAN has a long and steady employment and human resources policy reflecting its corpo­ rate values and guided by certain principles and standards. Believing that its employees are the most valuable asset to...
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