This process was expanded in 2009 to cover employees

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Unformatted text preview: adition. This engagement is a continuously evolving endeavor which takes a variety of forms de­ pending on local cultures and conditions. In all cases however, there is a firm commitment to listen, understand and respond to concerns of local stakeholders. In 2009 new initiatives were undertaken by the TITAN Group demonstrating its policy for open and constructive dialogue with local communities. Indicative examples of this approach are the new on­line web­based system reporting air emissions, which was launched by TITAN Usje and the new partner­ ship with UN in Egypt. More examples of TI­ TAN practice can be found on the web . In 2009, the Group policy to allocate donations so as to support local community develop­ ment programs and particularly education and training, health, safety and the environment continued. Total Group level donations was €2 million. Employee opinion surveys are conducted in Greece and the US every two to three years. This process was expanded in 2009 to...
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