Titan group production lev els product mix and the

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Unformatted text preview: r stake­ holder or locally­appropriate communication methods. Neutrality > The report generally provides a fair and bal­ anced representation of TITAN’s CSR and Sustainability management approach, per­ formance and challenges in 2009, both in terms of content, tone and emphasis. Opportunities for improvement Comparability and Clarity > Continue to expand materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement initiatives to further regions, countries and sites; > Significant progress has been made in pre­ senting information in a format which facili­ tates understanding and the comparison of performance with previous years, highlight­ ing the key efforts and achievements over the last 10 years; > However, ensuring the comparability of Ti­ tan’s performance over time continues to be a challenge on a number of CSR and Sustain­ ability issues (e.g. environmental performance and employment) mainly due to changes in product output and the composition of the Group over the last two years. It is not always easy to...
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