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Unformatted text preview: value of significant fines and total number of nonmonetary sanctions for non­compliance with environmental laws and regulations Total environmental protection expenditures and investments by type GRI Disclosures and Indicators p. 14­15, 30­31 p. 15, 31 p. 14­15, 30­31 p. 30­31, 33 p. 29­31, 35, p. 33 p. 33 p. 33 p. 14­15, 36­37, 39 p. 36­37 p. 36­37 TITAN has incorporated WBCSD/CSI Guidelines along with best practices for managing impacts on biodiversity at all stages of business development (p. 12, 36­37 ) Three active quarries have been identified as containing or being adjacent to areas desig­ nated for their high biodiversity value. Relevant studies have been prepared for all three sites including references to spieces at risk. (p. 36­37, 39) p. 14­15, 28­29, 39 Measurements of other relevant indirect emissions are under development and reliable data on emissions by weight are not available yet(p. 14­15, 28­29, 39) p. 14­15, 28­29, 34­35 Not relevant to the TITAN Group operations p. 32­33 p. 33 p. 34­35 No significant spills or other cases recorded p. 13, 28­29, 33­38 Packaging materials are mainly used for delivering bagged cement (bags, pallets)...
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