Values and code of conduct the titan group code of

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Unformatted text preview: ing to do more good” . The TITAN Group CSR department is the ad­ vocate coordinator of the Group’s CSR effort, aided in its mission by a recently ap pointed network of Liaison Delegates per country and per Group function. Each region and country has formed its own local CSR Committee to de­ velop and implement local CSR action plans. Values and Code of Conduct The TITAN Group Code of Conduct was launched in 2004 through a written document related to corporate values and the interna­ tional standards. It has been translated into all languages spoken by TITAN employees so as to provide the guiding framework for consistent practices. The written documents were revised and a phone based Employee Direct Communi­ cation Line was set up in Greece and extended through intranet in 2009 to encourage employee participation in living Corporate Values and ap­ plying the Code of Conduct. Last year through this line one complaint, four allegations and two requests were received and reviewed by the ap­ pointed committee. All recorded information were investigated accordingly and action was taken as response to each case. The same direct­phone and internet...
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