What matters to external stakeholders is taken into

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Unformatted text preview: y to fulfil its growth strategy for a sustainable future. Internally specialized CSR and Sustainability workshops are conducted every year with representatives from each of the Group’s busi­ ness units and functions, selected according to their relevance and exposure to key stake­ holders, their function and level of decision making. In this way is ensured that workshop participants understand well both the issues and stakeholders’ concerns and expectations. What matters to external stakeholders is taken into account through forums, meetings, confe­ rences, engagement and other communication events. The outcome of the internal process and feedback received from external stakeholders is then consolidated into a list of challenges and opportunities to be considered as main Group priorities. The same process is followed at re­ gional and country levels to support the de­ velopment of local action plans. Over 60% of Group operations have already gone through this process. This process ha...
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