Working closely with the csi iea published in 2009

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Unformatted text preview: ject of the World Business Council for Sustainable Devel­ opment (WBCSD), the CSI has focused on un­ derstanding and tackling the industry’s major sustainability challenges, while minimizing the impacts of cement production and use. TITAN has been involved in CSI’s work from the very beginning by sponsoring WBSCD’s independent study that led to the formation of the Cement Sustainability Initiative, while officially joining CSI as a core member in 2003. CSI – Activities in 2009 Over the last year, CSI’s work focused on: > “Getting the Numbers Right” (GNR): The GNR, a CO2 and energy performance information system is made to serve CSI’s blueprint for action in addressing climate change. Based on emissions data from 43 cement compa­ nies, the GNR collects, collates and analy­ ses representative statistical information on the clinker and cement production globally, providing an up­to­date basis for emissions benchmarking­setting. In 2009, the CSI pub­ lished an updated GNR report covering the period 1990–2006,...
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