Working hours respect the right to leisure and avoid

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Unformatted text preview: Com­ pact principles. TITAN’s Code of Conduct and Code for Procure­ ment based on international conventions set a minimum of standards that all employees and business units are expected to comply with. Human rights are universal, yet there are dif­ ferences from country to country regarding the level of integration of human rights clauses in local law and local conditions. TITAN’s exposure to human rights risks is estimated in accor­ dance to the relevance of each issue for TITAN operations and its significance for key stake­ holders. All relevant initiatives are anchored at site level, and local management is responsible for implementation. Percentage of women in management (2009) TITAN’s standards cover the following main principles: Non-discrimination Prohibit discrimination in all employ­ ment­related practices. Working hours Respect the right to leisure and avoid excessive overtime. Wages and benefits Based on international experience and best practice a new tool in the form of a ques­ tionnaire is currently developed and tested to identify existing gaps in policies and practices throughout TITAN operations and foster im...
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