Declared by titan adherence to the principles of

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Unformatted text preview: nformation provided in the Report, as well as the processes for collecting, analysing and reporting that in­ formation. DNV’s responsibility regarding this assurance engagement is to the management of TITAN only, in accordance with the scope of work commissioned. DNV disclaims any liability or responsibility to a third party for decisions, whether investment or otherwise, based on this Assurance Statement or the detailed Assurance Statement for CO2 and H&S, available at www. titan.gr/en/corporate­social­responsibility/ Scope The scope of DNV’s assurance engagement included the verification of data management processes and reported information. This was carried out in the context of Titan’s CSR and Sustainability strategy, management processes and performance in the 12 month period end­ ing on 31 December 2009. The scope of work included a review of: > CSR and Sustainability policies, objectives, initiatives, practices and achievements in 2009, described in the Report. These were verified at Group and Regional levels, and in the following countries: Albania, Egypt and the Unit...
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