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Unformatted text preview: establish whether changes in report­ ed performance are the result of changes in actual performance, the composition of the Group, or due to changes in efficiency of production activities. However, Titan is com­ mitted to continually improving this aspect of its performance reporting, mainly through the development of better Key Performance Indicators and reporting approaches. Overall, DNV commends Titan for its commit­ ment and achievements in continually improv­ ing their understanding of material issues, the concerns and expectations of stakeholders, and addressing these in a constructive manner, minimising detrimental impacts from its op­ Based on the findings of this assurance en­ gagement, the following recommendations are made to encourage continual improvement, not affecting the conclusions above: > Continue to raise awareness and internally verify compliance with Group data manage­ ment processes and reporting guidelines, increasing emphasis on processes for aggre­ gation and reporting of data...
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