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Unformatted text preview: he Report (mainly in connection with employee surveys and ex­ ternal stakeholder consultation in Greece, community engagement in FYROM and com­ munity engagement and development in Egypt); > The Report has been informed by the results of stakeholder consultation and feedback received in previous versions of the Report. There is strong evidence of Titan’s efforts to respond to the main concerns and interests of stakeholders. Report Assessment and Verification 43 44 Materiality > In addition to the stakeholder engagement initiatives mentioned above, TITAN has con­ tinued to engage with SRI rating agencies, WBCSD­CSI groups, academia and industry working groups in order to identify and bet­ ter understand the CSR and Sustainability issues which are most material to the sec­ tor, operations and regions within which the Group operates; > The scope of Titan’s materiality assessment has increased, with greater focus being placed on Titan’s operations in Egypt. Further progress has also been made on the mate­ riality assessment activities in Greece and South­East Europe; > Titan’s materiality assessment has been ad­ equately u...
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