G environmental performance and employment mainly due

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Unformatted text preview: sed as a basis for the preparation of the Report, guiding the identification of is­ sues and ensuring that the emphasis given to assertions and information on various topics is proportionate to their relative materiality. Reliability > The data measurement techniques and ba­ sis for calculations have been adequately described to DNV. No systematic or mate­ rial errors have been detected for data and information verified in accordance with AA1000AS (2008), WBCSD­CSI and other relevant guidelines. When potential errors or omissions were identified in CO2 or H&S per­ formance data, these were promptly justified or corrected by Titan; > A structured and robust performance moni­ toring and reporting system is in place for CO2, H&S, SOx, NOx and dust performance data, which is believed to be capable of pro­ viding consistent and reliable performance information; > The Report covers all entities that meet the criteria of being subject to control or signifi­ cant influence of the Reporting organisation; > Further information could be provided on bio­ diversity, water use, socio­economic impact, and sustainability performance of products. erations and seizing opportunities to benefit its stakeholders. Titan has also demonstrated its commitment to continually improve the qual­ ity and credibility of its Report and underlying processes. the Report as part of a suite of channels and strategies for communication on CSR and Sustainability, supplementing othe...
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