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Unformatted text preview: to review both the printed and the on­line version of the Report’s content and structure which comprises of two parts as follows: > Review of the context and structure against GRI – G3 Guidelines by GRI, and AA 1000 AS in respect to meeting stakeholders’ expecta­ tions > Review of the accuracy and completeness of the Report, including the clarity of data by conducting an assessment in accordance to WBCSD/CSI GHG Protocol for CO2 emissions and Safety performance measurements. There was no significant change from the 2008 TITAN Group CSR and Sustainability Report in terms of scope, boundary and data calculating methods. A five­year comparison of perfor­ mance is provided for all Group targets set in 2006, to allow monitoring of progress achieved and comparability with previous reports. This report as well as the previous ones is pub­ lished in both English and Greek and can be loaded from TITAN’s web site. The on­line ver­ sion of the Report avails for direct feedback to TITAN Group CSR Department, selecting and making of “users’ choice” Report and com­ parison with previous Rep...
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