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Unformatted text preview: n plan of all proposed recommendations and guidelines, which will start by an initial gap analysis on the Health and Safety sys­ tems and procedures that are already in place and those that are still needed. > Concrete Sustainability: A CSI Report on con­ crete recycling was also published in 2009. The report aims to initiate the vision of “zero landfill” of concrete and recommends im­ proved data collection on construction and demolition waste as well as better policy in­ centives for recycling. A new task force on “Concrete Sustainability” was launched to foster further developments in this field. TITAN America, 2009 DESTINATION: WBCSD/CSI Progress Review ΤΙΤΑΝ Group cement plants WBCSD/CSI Progress Review Description Climate Change Management Total direct CO2 emissions1 (gross), metric tons2 Total direct CO2 emissions1 (net), metric tons2 Total indirect CO2 emissions(1) (net), metric tons2 Direct CO2 emissions1 (gross) kg/metric ton of product Direct CO2 emissions1 (net) kg/metric ton of product Fuels and materials use Energy efficiency, kcal per kg of clinker Total heat consumption, TJ Total alternative fuels, metric tons Total electrical energy consumption, GWh Total ra...
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