That have undergone screening on human rights and

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Unformatted text preview: dvise on occupational health and safety programs More than 70% of our direct employees working in cement plants and related to them quarries are represented in joint management health and safety committees and forums that help monitor and advice on occupational health and safety programs LA7 Rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and number of work­related fatalities by region p. 16­19, 39 LA8 Education, training, counselling, prevention, and risk­control programs in place to assist workforce members, their families, or community members regarding serious diseases LA9 Health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions LA10 Average hours of training per year per employee by employee category LA11 L A12 Programs for skills management and lifelong learning that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews. LA13 Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of e...
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