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Unformatted text preview: rt Externally Assured Report Application Level G3 Profile Disclosures Report Assessment and Verification > Definition of “accountability” “Accountability is acknowledging, assuming responsibility for and being transparent about the impacts of your policies, decisions, actions, products and associated performance. It obliges an organisation to involve stakeholders in identifying, understanding and responding to sustainability issues and concerns, and to report, explain and be answerable to stakeholders for decisions, actions and performance”. A A1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard, 2008 41 42 DNV Assurance Statement TITAN Group CSR and Sustainability Report 2009 WBCSD-CSI measurement and reporting guidelines for CO2 and H&S Introduction Det Norske Veritas (hereafter ‘DNV’) has been engaged by the management of TITAN Cement Company S.A. (hereafter ‘TITAN’) to provide as­ surance services in connection with the English version of Titan’s Corporate Social Responsibil­ ity (CSR) and Sustainability Report 2009 (here­ after ‘the Report’). This engagement focused on the information provided in the Report and the underlying management and reporting pro­ cesses. It also included an assessment of the Report’s alignment with the WBCSD­CSI per­ formance measurement and reporting guide­ lines for CO2 and H&S. This Assurance Statement is aimed at the read­ ers of the Report. The management of TITAN is responsible for all assertions and i...
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