I believe that writing down goals will help me to

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Unformatted text preview: lieve that writing down goals will help me to achieve them for two reasons: (1) a written list of goals helps me to really identify with them as objectives that I desire to achieve, and (2) a written list allows me something tangible against which I can measure my progress. I tend to agree with Mr. Woods that having a system for defining goals can be very instrumental in helping to achieve lasting change because achieving goals is an important method whereby individuals can take measurable steps towards achieving otherwise monumental goals. MENTOR’S COMMENTS/FEEDBACK Page 3 Goals Writing Workbook THE FOUNDATION Watch The Foundation Video (approximately 5 minutes) Completed The foundation for effective goal setting relies on unifying principles; these are core principles we all live by. This video also introduces the idea of self-unification; a state of aligning your performance with your highest priorities in life, you will experience the highest form of productivity. 1. Clearly you value intellectual growth (unifying principle). Going ba...
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