I will complete a minimum of 5 courses this year i

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Unformatted text preview: omplete a minimum of 5 courses this year. I will choose a software program to assist with my APA formatting within 2 months. Sample Immediate Goals I will visit the library, explore upcoming tutorials, and pencil in at least 1 webinar and 1 tutorial on my schedule this week. I will schedule, within the next 2 weeks, the most important skills building tutorial or webinar that my Advisor suggests. I will visit the Writing Center and research two APA formatting software programs each week until I choose the software program right for me. Page 7 Goals Writing Workbook WRITING GOALS Now write at least three intermediate goals that will support the long-range goal of completing your degree by your stated graduation date. a. b. c. By the end of October, I will complete my APA template ensuring that each identified quick-style is properly formatted and meets all APA version 6 standards. I will complete 8 courses by the end of PY2012. I will read hire a new assistant at work to help alleviate extra-work, thus freeing time for school by the end of PY2012. Now write at leas...
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