Now write at least three immediate goals that will

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Unformatted text preview: t three immediate goals that will support the long-range goal of completing your degree by your stated graduation date. a. b. c. I will consistently complete my assignments on or before their due date. I will treat each assignment with equal importance and give my best effort to each of them. This will be measured by ensuring that I meet the stated objective of each assignment. I will ensure that I order the proper class resources so that they are available on the first day of each class. MENTOR’S COMMENTS/FEEDBACK Page 8 Goals Writing Workbook CONCLUSION Watch the Conclusion video (approximately 3 minutes) Completed You are on your way, but it will be important to keep the momentum going and not lose sight of your goal of obtaining your degree through the inevitable fog that will roll in. Choose something that will serve to motivate you, in the case of fog. You will be asked to share this strategy as part of your Signature Assignment, so plan for it now. Write some thoughts about your motivational project here: Completing my degree program is an integral part of my long term career objectives: to be a recognized speaker and author in my area of subject matter expertise, and to achieve employment as a Chief Security Officer. I have never had a pro...
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