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These situations do occur and articulating your

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Unformatted text preview: situations do occur and articulating your priorities now will help you manage difficult decisions later. Family Integrity Peace MENTOR’S COMMENTS/FEEDBACK Page 6 Goals Writing Workbook WRITING GOALS Watch the Writing Goals video (approximately 8 minutes) Completed In this video you will learn a formula for writing all types of goals. In the video you are asked to practice the goal writing formula. For this workbook, we are providing you with an example related to the goal of degree completion. Goal Writing Guidelines: Prepare your goals within a written framework of your unifying principles Write each goal down! Make your goals specific Ask “Am I willing to pay the price?” Guide Terms: Self, Family, Work, Service Goal writing formula: What? How will I measure it? By when? Practice writing goals Unifying Principle: Intellectual Growth Sample Long-Range Goal Beginning _________ I will enroll in a degree program, completing all requirements for graduation by _________. Sample Intermediate Goals I will become proficient in using the library this year. I will c...
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