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You should complete these exercises while watching

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Unformatted text preview: complete these exercises while watching the video. Thus, please allow 30 minutes for the viewing of this video. 1. Prepare a list of your highest priorities in life. List as many singular key words (e.g. Honesty, Leadership, etc.) you can think of in 3-4 minutes. Integrity Family Knowledge Serenity Peace Teach Love 2. Choose 4 of the priorities you wrote above, ensuring you choose one related to intellectual growth, and turn them into action statements. With all that I do; have unquestionable integrity. Seek out new knowledge everyday. On each day, do something significant that shows my family that I love them. Exhibit serenity by displaying calmness, confidence and control even in the face of danger or violence. 3. In the video you are asked to write a paragraph of clarification for one Unifying Principle. Choose your principle related to intellectual growth and write your paragraph in the box below (note: you are encouraged to do this with your other unifying principles, but do not need to for this workbook). Each day pres...
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