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Word List Ch 30 - war until the attack on Pearl Harbor...

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Chapter 30 Word List The Second World War 1. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 15. D-Day – Operation Overlord – 2. Battles of the Coral Sea and June 4, 1944 Midway Island 16. Tehran Meeting – Big Three – 3. “wolf packs” FDR, Churchill, Stalin 4. War Production Board 17. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower 5. “victory gardens” 18. Gen. Douglas MacArthur 6. Office of Price Administration 19. Battle of the Philippine Sea – 7. Women’s Army Corps (WAC) June 19-20, 1944 8. Women Accepted for Volunteer 20. Battle of Leyte Gulf Emergency Services (WAVES) 21. Battle of the Bulge – December 9. “Rosie the Riveter” 1944 – January, 1945 10. A. Philip Randolph, Brotherhood 22. Yalta Conference – February 4 – of Sleeping Car Porters 11, 1945 11. Fair Employment Practices 23. V-E Day – May 8, 1945 Commission (FEPC) 24. War Refugee Board 12. “code talkers” 25. Manhattan Project 13. Executive Order 9066 26. Enola Gay – B-29 bomber 14. Battle of the Atlantic 27. Harry S. Truman MAIN THEMES How war in Europe and Asia gradually drew the United States closer and closer to
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Unformatted text preview: war, until the attack on Pearl Harbor finally sparked American entry in WW II • That the vast productive capacity of the United States was the key to the defeat of the Axis • That the war had a profound effect on the home front • How women and minorities aided the war effort • How the major western offensives combined with an ongoing Russian effort to defeat Germany • How sea power contained the Japanese, and how Allied forces moved steadily close to Japan and prepared for an invasion until the atomic bomb ended the war. Quote ~ We call upon you to fight for jobs in National Defense. We call upon you to struggle for the integration of Negroes in the armed forces…We call upon you to demonstrate for the abolition of Jim-Crowism in all Government departments and defense employment. This is an hour of crisis. A. Philip Randolph, Call to Negro America to March on Washington, 1941...
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