As such the practice cases require you to be

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Unformatted text preview: in a particular section, and therefore do not need to read that section, you might prepare answers to the section’s problems to verify your understanding. Nature of the Practice Case Studies. As with the problems, you should attempt to analyze the practice case(s) at the end of each chapter to the best of your ability before looking at the solutions (which are contained in the Appendix at the end of the primer). Ordinarily, the case(s) will cover some of the concepts discussed in the chapter, and thus will give you an opportunity to test your knowledge of the chapter’s content, generally in a broader, more managerially-oriented context than with the problems. Some of the practice cases are are quite short, and might even be thought of as extended problems. Others, especially those in the chapters on responsibility accounting, are somewhat longer and more involved. In most instances, a case describes a situation where there is no right answer. There may be correct accounting answers, but, as you will see, there sometim...
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