Capital capital also can be looked at as either

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Unformatted text preview: relate it to the following discussion. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exhibit 1-1. RESOURCE USAGE: A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Basic Category Subclassifications 1 Land Th e Site 2 — Cost Measure 3 4 — — Assembly line workers Physicians Airline pilo ts Teachers Mission Rent/month Wage/month Labor Direct Su pport Schedu lers Ad ministrators Wage/mont h Su pport Mission Services Main tenance Clearning Laundry Wage/mont h General Ad min. Computer Legal Billing Accounting Wage/mont h General Su pport Sh ortliv ed Mission Longlived Capital Sh ortliv ed Raw materials Production supplies Lubricants Tickets Syringes Manufacturing equ ipm ent Airplanes Church p ews Ad ministrative supplies: Stationery Price/unit Depreciatio n per month Price/unit Su pport Longlived Admin-related equ ipm ent/facilities Depreciatio n per month ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ David W. Young ...
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