Chapter 10 cash budgeting preparation of the cash

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Unformatted text preview: hat can serve to influence senior management’s choice of a proposal, including ways in which programming links to both an organization’s culture and its conflict management processes. There are two appendices associated with this chapter. The first discusses the concept of net present value.The second discusses some of the special programming issues faced by nonprofit and governmental organizations in attempting to assess non-financial benefits, such as the impact of a proposal on society or classes of clients, and valuing a human life. Chapter 9. Operational Budgeting In addition to capital budgets, which flow from the programming phase of the management control process, organizations typically prepare both operational budgets and cash budgets. The budgeting phase of the management control process usually entails preparation of both. This chapter focuses on the operating budget. Among the topics addressed are the relationship between the operating budget and responsibility centers, the meaning of the term “flexible budget” and its role in a responsibility accounting system, the organizational and strategic c...
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