Exhibit 10 2 exhibit 10 3 exhibit 10 4 exhibit 10 5

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Unformatted text preview: . Exhibit 10-3. Exhibit 10-4. Exhibit 10-5. Exhibit 10-6. Exhibit 10-7. Exhibit 10-8. Exhibit 10-9. BALANCE SHEET FOR HOMEWORKS, INC. THE OPERATING CYCLE THE FINANCING CYCLE EXAMPLES OF LEVERAGE BUSINESS RISK VERSUS FINANCIAL RISK CASH NEEDS ASSOCIATED WITH GROWTH A SYSTEM OF RATIOS USING INCOME TO FINANCE GROWTH-RELATED CASH NEEDS TWO SCF FORMATS Exhibit 11-1. Exhibit 11-2 Exhibit 11-3. Exhibit 11-4. Exhibit 11-5. TYPES OF VARIANCES AND CONTROLLING AGENTS A REPORTING HIERARCHY MEASURES OF NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE EXAMPLE OF A SPIDERGRAM COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL: PROGRAM PERFORMANCE REPORT FOR THE MBA PROGRAM COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL: COMPARATIVE PROGRAM PERFORMANCE REPORT FOR THE CURRENT YEAR Exhibit 11-6. Exhibit 12-1. DIFFERENT TYPES OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Copyrighted Material. Do not reproduce without written permission. INTRODUCTION This primer is written for senior and mid-level managers who use management accounting in their day-to-day activities but who do not aspire to become management accountants. It assumes no prio...
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