In large organizations the responsibility accounting

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Unformatted text preview: ganizations, even the tiniest, engage in some form of responsibility accounting. In large organizations the responsibility accounting system tends to be formal; in smaller ones it is often quite informal. Responsibility accounting has been around as long as organizations have been in existence, but it often could be more comprehensive and sophisticated if senior and middle managers took an active role in its development and ongoing operation. By having a user orientation, this primer aims to help these managers be more effective in carrying out that role. Organizational Focus Many texts use manufacturing examples to illustrate management accounting concepts and principles. This primer uses both manufacturing and non-manufacturing examples. Some examples are of service organizations and some are of nonprofit organizations. Since most management accounting concepts are universal, the type of organization used to illustrate a point is relatively unimportant. Service and nonprofit organizations are used as examples in recognition of their growing importance in t...
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