Its neglect is partially a result of the fact that in

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Unformatted text preview: cted topics in both the popular business literature and management education. Its neglect is partially a result of the fact that in most organizations the design of the needed systems is delegated to the accounting department, but accounting training in most schools and universities gives the topic only cursory treatment. The goal of most undergraduate accounting programs, for example, is to prepare students to become CPAs and enter public accounting, and there are very few questions on the CPA exam concerning management accounting. Given that many CFOs began their careers in public accounting, the unfortunate consequence is that they have had little formal education in management accounting principles. What they know they have learned on the job, and, as a result, their knowledge frequently is incomplete and sometimes ill-informed. This is especially true in the arena of responsibility accounting, where in many schools there are no courses that address the topic in even a minor way. Despite this lack of formal responsibility accounting training on the part of most organization’s accounting staffs, all or...
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