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Unformatted text preview: the chapter, and by analyzing one or two practice case studies at the end of the chapter. The idea behind these interactive materials is to shorten the “feedback loops” in the learning process. Rather than waiting until the end of a chapter to answer questions or analyze problems, you are asked to do so immediately following the discussion of a particular topic. Sometimes, if the discussion of a topic is lengthy, there are problems within it. Deceptively Short Chapters . Some of the chapters may seem rather short. Unlike chapters in some other texts, however, they are not meant to be read quickly. Because of the interactive nature of the learning process, you should move through each chapter at a relatively slow pace. Depending on your own speed of mastering the material, your coverage of a chapter might take several hours. Additionally, you also may find that you need time to digest the material as you go along, so you should not try to work through the whole primer in a single sitti...
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