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Unformatted text preview: es is considerable room for judgment, and perhaps disagreement with the answer given in the Appendix. Thus, what may seem like a simple situation frequently has some of the flavor of a more typical organizational decision-making situation. As such, the practice cases require you to be thoughtful—to apply a chapter’s principles rather than just memorize them. Indeed, the cases require analysis, judgment and attention to nuances, all of which increasingly are required for success in real world organizational settings. Skipping the Interactive Materials. If you are seeking an overall understanding of management accounting, you may wish to skip the interactive materials and simply absorb the content of each chapter from your reading of the text. Much depends on your goals, your prior knowledge, your available time, and other factors. However, the deepest learning takes place when you attempt to answer these interactive materials to the best of your ability before looking at the solutions. If yo...
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