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Unformatted text preview: first quarter of 2012. In addition, effective August 17, 2012, the Company completed a new unsecured term loan facility for $1,000.0 million. The facility matures on August 10, 2015, with the full amount having been drawn on August 22, 2012. Loan interest for both the amended revolving credit facility and new term loan is variable, set at LIBOR plus an interest rate margin which is dependent on the Company’s credit rating. Based on the Company’s credit rating at December 31, 2012, interest charges and fees are as follows: Type of credit Dollar based LIBOR loan Letters of credit Standby fee applicable to unused availability LIBOR plus 1.70% 1.13-1.70% 0.34% Concurrent with completing this term loan, the Company entered into an interest rate swap to swap the underlying 1-month LIBOR into a fixed rate of 0.49% for the entire three year period. Based on the Company’s current credit rating, the fixed rate on the term loan is 2.19%. The amended revolving credit facility and new unsecured term loan were arranged under one credit agreement, which contains various covenants including limits on indebtedness, asset sales and liens. Significant financial covenants include a minimum tangible net worth of $5,734.8 million increasing by 50% of positive net income each quarter, starting with the quarter ending September 30, 2012 (previously $5,250.0 million starting December 31, 2010 and increasing by 50% of positive net income each quarter), and net debt to EBITDA, as defined in the agreement, of no more than 3.5:1. The Company is in compliance with these covenants at December 31, 2012. Other From time to time, the Company’s operations in Brazil may borrow US dollars fr om Brazilian banks on a short-term unsecured basis to meet working capital requirements. As at December 31, 2012 and December 31, 2011, $nil was outstanding under such borrowings. KINROSS GOLD 2012 ANNUAL REPORT MDA37 In November 2009, the Company entered into a Letter of Credit guarantee facility with Export Development Canada (“EDC”) for $125.0 million. Letters of credit guaranteed by this facility are solely for reclamation liabilities at Fort Knox, Round Mountain, and...
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