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Unformatted text preview: taxable temporary differences associated with investments in subsidiaries, for which deferred tax liabilities have not been recognized, as at December 31, 2012 is $8.7 billion (December 31, 2011 – $9.9 billion). KINROSS GOLD 2012 ANNUAL REPORT FS57 Deferred tax assets have not been recognized in respect of the following items: December 31, 2012 $ 69.2 138.7 Deductible temporary differences Tax losses December 31, 2011 $ 1 02.0 1 18.1 The tax losses not recognized expire as per the amount and years noted below. The deductible temporary differences do not expire under current tax legislation. Deferred tax assets have not been recognized in respect of these items because it is not probable that future taxable profit will be available against which the group can utilize the benefits therefrom. iii. Non-capital losses (not recognized) The following table summarizes the Company’s non-capital losses that can be applied against future taxable profit: Country Type Canada Net operating losses United States (a) Chile Mexico Barbados Other Net operating losses Net operating losses Net operating losses Net operating losses Net operating losses (a) Amount $ Expiry Date 2 09.1 2013 - 2032 27.3 138.0 13.3 7 99.8 8 3.9 2013 - 2032 No expiry 2017 - 2022 2013 - 2020 2022 Utilization of the United States loss carry forwards will be limited in any year as a result of the previous changes in ownership. 19. SEGMENTED INFORMATION The Company operates primarily in the gold mining industry and its major product is gold. Its activities include gold production, acquisition, exploration and development of gold properties. The Company’s primary mining operations are in the United States, the Russian Federation, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Ghana and Mauritania. The reportable segments are those operations whose operating results are reviewed by the Chief Executive Officer to make decisions about resources to be allocated to the segment and assess its performance provided those operations pass certain quantitative thresholds. Operations whose revenues, earnings or losses or assets exceed 10% of the total consolidated r...
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