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Unformatted text preview: rms representing the plaintiffs in the First Ontario Action and the Second Ontario Action reached an agreement on carriage whereby the First Ontario Action will proceed and the Second Ontario Action and the Parallel British Columbia and Alberta Actions will be discontinued. This agreement was disclosed to the Ontario Court on July 16, 2012 and an order granting the discontinuance was issued by the Ontario Court on December 10, 2012. Income taxes The Company operates in numerous countries around the world and accordingly is subject to, and pays, annual income taxes under the various regimes in countries in which it operates. These tax regimes are determined under general corporate income tax laws of the country. The Company has historically filed, and continues to file, all required income tax returns and to pay the taxes reasonably determined to be due. The tax rules and regulations in many countries are complex and subject to interpretation. From time to time the Company will undergo a review of its historic tax returns and in connection with such reviews disputes can arise with the taxing authorities over the Company’s interpretation of the country’s income tax rules. 21. RELATED PARTY TRANSACTIONS There were no material related party transactions in 2012 and 2011 other than compensation of key management personnel. Key management personnel Compensation of key management personnel of the Company: Years ended December 31, 2 012 Cash compensation - Salaries, short term incentives, and other benefits Long term incentives, including share-based payments Termination and post-retirement benefits Total compensation paid to key management personnel $ $ 2011 11.2 13.9 25.6 50.7 $ $ 1 5.9 1 2.3 6 .7 3 4.9 Key management personnel is defined as the Senior Leadership Team and members of the Board of Directors. 22. CONSOLIDATING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The obligations of the Company under the senior notes are guaranteed by the following 100% owned subsidiaries of the Company (the “guarantor subsidiaries”): Kinross Gold U.S.A., Inc., Round Mountain Gold Corporation, Kinross Brasil Mineração S.A., Aurelian Resources Inc....
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