As scheduled the first shipment of ore to kupol is

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Unformatted text preview: remains on schedule and on budget and is expected to commence full production in 2013. As scheduled, the first shipment of ore to Kupol is expected in the second half of the year. Underground development for the quarter is progressing ahead of plan, with 5,524 metres of development completed at year-end and the installation of the permanent main ventilation fans. Construction of the surface infrastructure and facilities is approximately 60% complete. All necessary permits for the current scope of underground development and construction activities are in place, including approval for the mine design. Procurement and engineering activities for all remaining work are proceeding as expected. Fruta del Norte The Company and the Government of Ecuador continue to make progress on negotiating the terms and conditions of the exploitation and investment protection agreements and have reached conceptual understanding in a number of key areas. Under current arrangements with the government, the parties remain in the economic evaluation phase until August 1, 2013, during which time the objective is to reach agreement on the terms and conditions of both the exploitation and investment protection agreements. The Government of Ecuador has the discretion to provide an extension of the economic evaluation phase up to 1.5 years beyond August 1, 2013 if the parties have not signed the agreements by that date. Alternatively, the parties may jointly declare a phase change from economic evaluation to exploitation, which requires completing and signing the exploitation agreement within the first six months of the commencement of this phase. It remains Kinross' position that an investment protection agreement be signed at the same time as the exploitation agreement. While the parties are working collaboratively to meet this deadline, there is no guarantee that further extensions will be granted by the government, or that mutually acceptable exploitation and investment protection agreements will be reached...
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