Fs42 kinross gold 2012 annual report the companys

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Unformatted text preview: ,390.4 21.1% 11.6% 0 – 30% 0 – 30% Long-term debt Current portion of long-term debt Total debt Common shareholders' equity Total debt / total debt and common shareholders' equity ratio Company target ii. Gold and silver price risk management The Company’s policy is to not hedge metal sales. However, in certain circumstances the Company may use derivative contracts to hedge against the risk of falling prices for a portion of its forecasted metal sales. The Company may also assume derivative contracts as part of a business acquisition or they may be required under financing arrangements. As a result of the acquisition of Bema in February 2007, the Company assumed gold and silver forward sales contracts, call options, and put options, primarily due to requirements related to the Kupol project financing. During the third quarter of 2011, the Company closed out and early settled all gold and silver derivative financial instruments and other contracts that were required under the terms of the Kupol project financing that was acquired with the acquisition of Bema. iii. Currency risk management The Company is primarily exposed to currency fluctuations relative to the U.S. dollar on expenditures that are denominated in Canadian dollars, Brazilian reais, Chilean pesos, Russian roubles, Mauritanian ouguiya and Ghanaian cedi. This risk is reduced, from time to time, through the use of foreign currency forward contracts to lock in the exchange rates on future non-U.S. denominated currency cash outflows. The Company has entered into forward contracts to purchase Canadian dollars, Brazilian reais, Chilean pesos, and Russian roubles as part of this risk management strategy. The Company is also exposed to the impact of currency fluctuations on its monetary assets and liabilities. The Company may from time to time manage the exposure on the net monetary items. At December 31, 2012, with other variables unchanged, the following represents the effect of movements in foreign exchange rates on the Company's net working capital,...
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