If the integrated set of activities and assets is in

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Unformatted text preview: determine whether the set of activities and assets is a business. Those factors include, but are not limited to, whether the set of activities and assets: has begun planned principal activities; has employees, intellectual property and other inputs and processes that could be applied to those inputs; is pursuing a plan to produce outputs; and will be able to obtain access to customers that will purchase the outputs. Not all of the above factors need to be present for a particular integrated set of activities and assets in the development stage to qualify as a business. Business acquisitions are accounted for using the acquisition method whereby acquired assets and liabilities are recorded at fair value as of the date of acquisition with the excess of the purchase consideration over such fair value being recorded as goodwill and allocated to cash generating units (“CGUs”). Non-controlling interest in an acquisition may be measured at either fair value or at the non-controlling interest’s proportionate share of the fair value of the acquiree’s net identifiable assets. If the fair value of the net assets acquired exceeds the purchase consideration, the difference is recognized immediately as a gain in the consolidated statement of operations. Where a business combination is achieved in stages, previously held equity interests in the acquiree are re-measured at their acquisition-date fair value and any resulting gain or loss is recognized in the consolidated statement of operations. FS12 KINROSS GOLD 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Acquisition related costs are expensed during the period in which they are incurred, except for the cost of debt or equity instruments issued in relation to the acquisition which is included in the carrying amount of the related instrument. Certain fair values may be estimated at the acquisition date pending confirmation or completion of the valuation process. Where provisional values are used in accounting for a business combination, they must be adjusted retrospectively in subsequent periods. However, the measurement per...
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