In process inventories represent materials that are

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Unformatted text preview: gold and silver doré and bullion, are valued at the lower of the average production cost of sales applicable to the related processing cycle and NRV. Materials and supplies are valued at the lower of average cost and NRV. Write downs of inventory are recognized in the consolidated statement of operations in the current period. The Company reverses write downs in the event that there is a subsequent increase in NRV. vii. Borrowing costs Borrowing costs are generally expensed as incurred except where they relate to the financing of qualifying assets that require a substantial period of time to get ready for their intended use. Qualifying assets include the cost of developing mining properties and constructing new facilities. Borrowing costs related to qualifying assets are capitalized up to the date when the asset is ready for its intended use. Where funds are borrowed specifically to finance a project, the amount capitalized represents the actual borrowing costs incurred net of any investment income earned on the investment of those borrowings. Where the funds used to finance a project form part of general borrowings, the amount capitalized is calculated using a weighted average of rates applicable to relevant general borrowings of the Company during the period. viii. Business combinations A business combination is a transaction or other event in which control over one or more businesses is obtained. A business is an integrated set of activities and assets that is capable of being conducted and managed for the purpose of providing a return in the form of dividends, lower costs or other economic benefits. A business consists of inputs and processes applied to those inputs that have the ability to create outputs that provide a return to the Company and its shareholders. A business need not include all of the inputs and processes that were used by the acquiree to produce outputs if the business can be integrated with the inputs and processes of the Company to continue to produce outputs. If the integrated set of activities and assets is in the exploration and development stage, and thus, may not have outputs, the Company considers other factors to...
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