Kinross gold production and exploration activities

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Unformatted text preview: the extraction and processing of gold-containing ore, and reclamation of gold mining properties. Kinross’ gold production and exploration activities are carried out principally in Canada, the United States, the Russian Federation, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Ghana and Mauritania. Gold is produced in the form of doré, which is shipped to refineries for final processing. Kinross also produces and sells silver. The profitability and operating cash flow of Kinross are affected by various factors, including the amount of gold and silver produced, the market prices of gold and silver, operating costs, interest rates, regulatory and environmental compliance, the level of exploration activity and capital expenditures, general and administrative costs, and other discretionary costs and activities. Kinross is also exposed to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, political risks, and varying levels of taxation that can impact profitability and cash flow. Kinross seeks to manage the risks associated with its business operations; however, many of the factors affecting these risks are beyond the Company’s control. Commodity prices continue to be volatile as economies around the world continue to experience economic difficulties. Volatility in the price of gold and silver impacts the Company's revenue, while volatility in the price of input costs, such as oil, and foreign exchange rates, particularly the Brazilian real, Chilean peso, Russian rouble, euro, Mauritanian ouguiya, Ghanaian cedi, and Canadian dollar, may have an impact on the Company's operating costs and capital expenditures (see Section 10 – Risk Analysis for additional details on the impact of foreign exchange rates). KINROSS GOLD 2012 ANNUAL REPORT MDA1 Segment profile Each of the Company's significant operating mines is considered to be a separate segment. The reportable segments are those operations whose operating results are reviewed by the Chief Executive Officer to make decisions about resources to be allocated to the segment and assess its performance. Operating Segments Fort Knox Round Mountain Kettle River-Buckhorn Kupol(a),(b)...
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