Mda52 kinross gold 2012 annual report joint ventures

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Unformatted text preview: obligations to Kinross or to third parties could have a material adverse effect on the joint venture. In addition, Kinross may be unable to exert control over strategic decisions made in respect of such properties. Disclosures About Market Risks To determine its market risk sensitivities, Kinross uses an internally generated financial forecast model that is sensitized to various gold prices, currency exchange rates, interest rates and energy prices. The variable with the greatest impact is the gold price, and Kinross prepares a base case scenario and then sensitizes it by a 10% increase and decrease in the gold price. For 2013, sensitivity to a 10% change in the gold price is estimated to have a $380 million impact on pre-tax earnings. Kinross' financial forecast covers the projected life of its mines. In each year, gold is produced according to the mine plan. Additionally, for 2013, sensitivity to a 10% change in the silver price is estimated to have a $20 million impact on pre-tax earnings. Costs are estimated based on current production costs plus the impact of any major changes to the operation during its life. Interest Rate Fluctuations Fluctuations in interest rates can affect the Company’s results of operations and cash flow. The Company’s corporate revolving credit and term loan facilities and the Kupol project financing are subject to variable interest rates. Hedging Risks The Company’s earnings can vary significantly with fluctuations in the market price of gold and silver. At various times, in response to market conditions, Kinross has entered into gold forward sales contracts, spot deferred forward sales contracts, purchased put options and written call options for some portion of expected future production in an attempt to mitigate the risk of adverse price fluctuations. Kinross is not subject to margin requirements on any of its hedging lines. Kinross has made the decision not to continue with a comprehensive gold hedging program. On occasion, however, the Company may enter into forward sales...
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