Market price risk the kinross common shares are

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Unformatted text preview: changes in the gold price or in its financial condition or results of operations as reflected in its quarterly earnings reports. Other factors unrelated to the performance of Kinross that may have an effect on the price of the Kinross common shares include the following: a reduction in analytical coverage of Kinross by investment banks with research capabilities; a drop in trading volume and general market interest in the securities of Kinross may adversely affect an investor’s ability to liquidate an investment and consequently an investor’s interest in acquiring a significant stake in Kinross; a failure of Kinross to meet the reporting and other obligations under Canadian and U.S. securities laws or imposed by the exchanges could result in a delisting of the Kinross common shares; and a substantial decline in the price of the Kinross common shares that persists for a significant period of time could cause the Kinross common shares to be delisted from the NYSE further reducing market liquidity. As a result of any of these factors, the market price of its common shares at any given point in time may not accurately reflect Kinross’ long-term value. Securities class action litigation has been brought against companies, including Kinross, following periods of volatility or significant decline in the market price of their securities. Securities litigation, including current proceedings against Kinross as well as potential future proceedings, could result in substantial costs and damages and divert management’s attention and resources. Any decision resulting from any such litigation that is adverse to the Company could have a negative impact on the Company’s financial position. Impairment Kinross evaluates, on at least an annual basis, the carrying amount of its CGUs to determine whether current events and circumstances indicate that such carrying amount may no longer be recoverable. Goodwill is required to be tested annually for impairment and Kinross performs this annual test at the end of the fourth quarter. In addition, at each reporting period end, Kinross assesses whether there...
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