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Unformatted text preview: he Company’s ability to develop or operate its mining properties. Exploitation Agreement for Fruta Del Norte Under the current arrangements with the Government of Ecuador, the economic evaluation phase for Fruta Del Norte is set to expire on August 1, 2013, subject to any discretionary government extension of up to 1.5 years. To effect a phase change, Kinross and the Ecuadorian government may, under applicable law, jointly declare a phase change from economic evaluation to exploitation prior to such expiry and are required to enter into an exploitation agreement with the government within the first six months of the commencement of the declared phase change. While the parties are working collaboratively to meet this deadline, there is no guarantee that further extensions will be granted by the government, or that mutually acceptable exploitation and investment protection agreements will be reached prior to August 1, 2013, or within the first six months of the commencement of the above-noted phase change. In such circumstances, the Company may be required to forfeit the La Zarza (Fruta del Norte) concession and related project infrastructure to the government. Competition The mineral exploration and mining business is competitive in all of its phases. Kinross competes with numerous other companies and individuals, including competitors with greater financial, technical and other resources than Kinross, in the search for and the acquisition of attractive mineral properties. The ability of the Company to operate successfully in the future will depend not only on its ability to develop its present properties, but also on its ability to select and acquire suitable producing properties or prospects for mineral exploration. Kinross may be unable to compete successfully with its competitors in acquiring such properties or prospects on terms it considers acceptable, if at all. MDA52 KINROSS GOLD 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Joint Ventures Certain of the operations in which the Company has an interest are operated through joint ventures with other mining companies. Any failure of such other companies to meet their...
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